Who is the photographer in You season 4? Fans have several theories

14 February 2023, 16:53

Penn Badgley interviews Joe from You

By Sam Prance

A suspicious photographer keeps appearing in You season 4 but who is she?

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You fans have spotted a mysterious photographer who appears in numerous episodes of You season 4. Who is she though?

You is back and season 4 part 1 has left fans with many questions. Will Marienne come back? What's the motive behind the Eat the Rich killer's crimes? Why is Love in the You season 4 part 2 trailer? Fans have begun to analyse every single detail of the season and they've come up with theories as to what's really going on with Joe and what will happen next.

One thing that people have noticed is that a new unknown character has appeared in the background of multiple scenes.

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You season 4 fans spot suspicious photographer in multiple episodes
You season 4 fans spot suspicious photographer in multiple episodes. Picture: Netflix

If you've been paying close attention to You season 4, you will have seen that a mysterious woman appears multiple times in the show taking photos of Joe. Bringing this up in a You season 4 thread on Reddit, one viewer asked: "So, who's the weird lady that keeps taking photos of Joe? guess we find out in Part 2..." Another added: "She's in every episode too, I think..."

Fans then began coming up with theories as to who she could be. One suggested: "Either that or she remembers his face. They casually mention a few times his story in the NYTimes. Maybe she recognizes him from there." Digging further into theories, one person added: "I think it's his mom".

Another viewer suggested: "My theory is that it’s a private investigator sent by Love since we see her in the part 2 teaser."

You season 4 fans spot suspicious photographer in every episode
You season 4 fans spot suspicious photographer in every episode. Picture: Reddit

While we're yet to find out exactly who the photographer is, one eagle-eyed fan has spotted that she appears in the credits of the show and her name is Dawn." They wrote: "She's not only important but the end credits in the two episodes she appears in give away her identity. She's a character named Dawn."

Watching back the season, Dawn actually appears in the first three episodes of season 4: episode 1 - outside of the club, episode 2 - outside of the art exhibition and episode 3 - outside of the funeral.

A stranger who recognises Joe? A private investigator? Joe's mom? Who do you think Dawn is?

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