You season 4's shock Joe twist called the "best plot twist ever" by fans

10 March 2023, 17:37

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By Katie Louise Smith

"I was wondering why Part 1 of Season 4 of YOU was so underwhelming...Now that Part 2 is out I understand why. Holy sh--. Wtf."

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Listen, we were all thinking it: You season 4 part 1 didn't seem to be packing as much of a punch as previous seasons of the Netflix series. Joe Goldberg turning over a new leaf and not doing any of the murdering himself? Doesn't sound like You to me.

But (!), as season 4 returned with its final five episodes yesterday (Mar 10), it suddenly all made sense. Joe Goldberg seemingly overheard everyone saying, "Oh, y'all wanted a twist, eh?!" – AND HE DELIVERED.

As expected, the final five episodes of You season 4 contained one of the wildest TV twists in recent memory. In episode 7, the entire season is flipped on its head after a huge reveal involving Joe (sorry, Jonathan Moore) and fans can't believe they didn't see it coming.

WARNING: Major spoilers for You season 4 part 2 ahead! If you haven't seen episode 8 yet, don't scroll ahead!

You season 4&squot;s plot twist is being called the "best plot twist ever" by fans
You season 4's plot twist is being called the "best plot twist ever" by fans. Picture: Netflix

If you had been paying attention to the theories that emerged after Part 1 was released, then you may have been anticipating what was about to happen in Part 2. Was Joe imagining his relationship with Rhys? Was he hallucinating the entire thing? Was Marienne already dead?!

Well, one of those theories was completely true... and the other two almost hit the nail on the head.

After five episodes of watching Joe attempt to figure out who the Eat the Rich killer is, Rhys Montrose is named just as the credits roll on Part 1. But all of that then comes crashing down at the end of episode 7...

This article will now discuss spoilers from episode 8 of You season 4!

You fans are losing it over season 4's plot twist
You fans are losing it over season 4's plot twist. Picture: Netflix

In the final scene of episode 7, Joe arrives at Rhys' country home after basically being blackmailed by Kate's dad Tom to kill Rhys himself. Joe captures Rhys and ties him to a chair before interrogating him. But Rhys has no idea who Joe is! He's never met this man before in his entire life! They're not friends! And he didn't kill anyone!

Joe doesn't believe him and eventually ends up strangling him to death. That's when it's revealed that Joe's relationship with Rhys was not real. Joe had actually committed the murders of Malcolm, Simon and Gemma and had projected them onto his imaginary version of Rhys.

The real Rhys is now dead, but Joe's imaginary version of him remains and continues to torment, goad and egg him on throughout the season.

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What happens to Marienne in You season 4?
What happens to Marienne in You season 4? Picture: Netflix

Not content with that being the only major plot twist to happen in episode 7, the show then reveals what really happened to Marienne.

While Joe is interrogating and murdering Rhys, Nadia begins investigating her suspicions about Joe and ends up discovering Marienne locked in Joe's glass cage in an abandoned building somewhere in London.

Yep, Joe did not let Marienne go back to Paris after all. He actually poisoned her, kidnapped her and locked her up. But as his psyche began obsessing more and more on Rhys, he completely forgot that he had kidnapped Marienne.

Viewers could not believe the shocking twist, and the memes and reactions prove just how well the series managed to pull off such an unexpected moment.

As for what happens to Joe, Marienne and Nadia at the end of You season 4? For the sake of the people who clicked to read this article without watching the new episodes, we won't dive into any detailed spoilers here.

If you want a full breakdown of what happens to each character in the final episode of season 4, click here.

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