Who dies in You season 4 part 2? All the deaths explained

9 March 2023, 15:21 | Updated: 9 March 2023, 15:28

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By Katie Louise Smith

How many people does Joe Goldberg kill in You season 4? Here's all the deaths that happen in season 4 part 2.

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Another season of You has come to a shocking and intense end and the show's overall body count has now skyrocketed thanks to the Eat the Rich killer and the ongoing murderous escapades of Joe Goldberg.

You season 4 undoubtably has the biggest body count out of every season of the show so far. Part 1 packed four gruesome murders into the first five episodes, and another five deaths happen in part 2. As of part 1, viewers know that Joe has only killed one person so far this season, but does that change in part 2?

Here's your recap on who dies in You season 4 part 2, and who killed each of the characters.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for You season 4's ending!

Who dies in You season 4 part 2? Here's who dies and who kills them

You season 4 part 2 deaths: Who dies?
You season 4 part 2 deaths: Who dies? Picture: Netflix

Who is the real killer in You season 4?

Well, that theory about Joe imagining his interactions with Rhys? Turns out, it was true... Joe was in fact the real Eat the Rich killer and was the one responsible for the deaths of Malcolm, Simon and Gemma. (Of course, we already saw him kill Vic.)

Joe had hallucinated his entire relationship with Rhys. Rhys was not a killer, and never killed anyone throughout the season. Joe actually committed the murders while he was blacked out, and pinned them on his imaginary version of Rhys.

That means Joe killed four people in the first five episodes of season 4... and his kill count basically doubled in part 2.

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Who is the real killer in You season 4? How many people does Joe kill?
Who is the real killer in You season 4? How many people does Joe kill? Picture: Netflix

Who dies in You season 4 part 2? Who does Joe Goldberg kill?

Part 2 picks up with Joe still believing that Rhys is real and that he is behind the murders of Malcolm, Simon and Gemma. In episode 7, all is revealed when Joe interrogates Rhys and ends up killing him.

Here's the full list of people Joe Goldberg murders, and one character who dies but is not killed by Joe...

Who kills Rhys Montrose in You season 4?

After finding him at his house in the country courtesy of Tom Lockwood's tip off, Joe interrogates Rhys believing him to be the real killer. Rhys, however, has no idea who Joe is because Joe has completely imagined his relationship with him. Rhys has never met Joe. Joe believes he's lying and ends up strangling Rhys to death while he's tied naked to a chair.

In episode 10, Kate reveals that she knows her father Tom asked Joe to kill Rhys. DNA was found on Rhys' body but was covered up to protect Joe from being accused of his murder.

Does Joe kill Rhys in You season 4?
Does Joe kill Rhys in You season 4? Picture: Netflix

Who kills Tom Lockwood's bodyguard Hugo?

Another one for Joe! Hugo is stabbed to death by Joe after he enters Tom's workshop. Unfortunately for Hugo, Joe has cuffed Tom to a chair, and as Hugo approaches him to free him, Joe stabs him in the neck multiple times. Joe then buries Hugo's body.

Who kills Tom Lockwood?

Joe kills Kate's father after cuffing him to a chair inside his workshop. After Tom antagonises Joe, he suffocates him with a plastic bag. Joe gets away with this one, too. He stages Tom's death to make it look like a murder. Later, Kate explains that her dad was "murdered for money".

Who kills Eddie?

Joe's fourth and final kill in part 2 (eighth kill in season 4 if you've been keeping count!) is Nadia's boyfriend Eddie. At the end of the season, Nadia deduces that Joe killed Rhys and she goes snooping around his flat in order to find evidence. Eddie stands watch outside, but when Nadia leaves and tries to find him, Joe approaches her.

Nadia then discovers that Eddie has been killed by Joe. Joe frames her for his murder, and then frames Eddie for Rhys' murder in turn.

Who kills Eddie in You season 4? Is he killed by Joe?
Who kills Eddie in You season 4? Is he killed by Joe? Picture: Netflix

Who kills Adam in You season 4?

Another shock murder in part 2 comes when Adam is randomly killed on the orders of Tom Lockwood. Joe has nothing to do with this one!

In a short scene, shortly after it's revealed that Lady Phoebe had been sectioned, Adam is seen being handcuffed to a bed by a woman before two men enter the room with weapons. Kate then realises that her father had Adam killed following a brief conversation where Kate expressed her disgust that Adam had ended up in control of everything Lady Phoebe owns.

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