Netflix viewers left shocked over Gurki and Justin's disaster date on Dating Around

18 February 2019, 14:00

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Things got awkward during episode 2 of Dating Around when Justin and Gurki had a tense exchange.

Netflix's Dating Around is already poised to be your new reality TV obsession. A diverse set of singletons embark on a series of dates that have sweet, awkward, and amusing moments all cut together. The daters are adorable, the banter is passable, and you'll watch as strangers open up to each other in this highly constructed version of a reality dating show. In episode 2 of Dating Around, singleton Gurki has a particularly troubling interaction with her date, Justin, that has left the internet with strong feelings.

People are sympathising with Gurki, a 36-year-old jewellery buyer living in New York City, who appeared on the show and went on dates with five different guys. Most of the dates went fine, but a tense argument with Justin had the internet strongly in her corner.

Gurki's date with Justin started off ok.

Netflix Justin and Gurki
Netflix Dating Around Justin and Gurki . Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

The pair exchanged banter and anecdotes over drinks at a cute bar. Justin shared a story about his ex-girlfriend's cat (????) and Gurki opened up a little about getting married young and some of her family's cultural expectations about marriage.

It wasn't until Gurki and Justin headed to an after hours spot that things got a little bit heated.

Netflix Dating Around Gurki and Justin
Netflix Dating Around Gurki and Justin. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

The topic of love and marriage came up again over the course of their conversation and things took a messy turn.

"When you're in love you put the other person first," Justin explained.

"But that doesn't mean a part of you disappears," says Gurki.

"How do you know? You got divorced at 32," Justin fired back. Ouch.

You can watch the entire tense exchange below.

Obviously, Gurki didn't open up about her past to have it brought back up in a disagreement and people were not happy about Justin's behaviour.

In the end, Gurki chose HERSELF and took HERSELF out on a shopping spree instead of going on a second date with any of the guys.

In conclusion, Gurki is a mood, a vibe, and an inspiration #teamGurki

Gurki shopping Dating Around
Gurki shopping Dating Around. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Did you guys see episode 2 of Dating Around on Netflix? What were your thoughts on Gurki and Justin's date?