Netflix Has A "Secret" Requests Page And Here's How To Find It

6 June 2018, 12:51

Netflix request
Picture: Photo by on Unsplash/Netflix
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Do you have a show you want to see on Netflix? Here's how to make your FEELINGS known.

Netflix has a lot of great features. With hundreds of titles in dozens of weirdly specific genres, we'd be more than willing to bet that your programming needs tend to be sufficiently met during your weekend binge sessions.

Still, there are titles that many Netflix viewers would love to see on the platform. If you've ever wanted to tell Netflix what shows you REALLY want to see on the platform, their "secret" requests page is how to make your feelings known.

How does the Netflix request page work?

In the Netflix help center, under the quick links heading you'll find "Request TV shows or movies". We're guessing you haven't spent a ton of time in the Netflix help center, so we'll understand if this is brand new information.

Netflix request center
Picture: Netflix

Once you arrive at the "Request TV Shows or movies" page, you're prompted to suggest three movie/tv titles not currently available. Once you've deliberated on what you'd like to see on the platform simply hit "submit suggestion" and leave it all to the Netflix content Gods.

Now, submitting suggestions doesn't automatically mean you'll be seeing your choice on Netflix tomorrow but it does mean someone will take it under consideration and that's what matters.

The little known Netflix section came to people's attention when a Netflix Philippines viewer flagged the fact that one of Chelsea Peretti's comedy specials was not available for him.

Netflix responded by sharing a link to the requests page and the caption "you know the drill".

Clearly not everyone knew the drill. Chelsea Peretti was even surprised by this particular drill.

There are some shows that you'll probably NEVER see on Netflix (aka Hulu and Amazon originals are probably a lost cause), but it's always nice to have your voice heard.

Now that we're all caught up on "the drill", what will you be requesting on Netflix?