Netflix Is Testing A New "Ultra" Plan And Here's What That Means

6 July 2018, 13:46

Netflix Ultra
Picture: Netflix/Photo by on Unsplash
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Some changes may be headed to Netflix.

Netflix is reportedly testing a new subscription tier called "Ultra" which could mean pricing changes are on the way.

The streaming platform told CNET that they were "testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix."

This came after Italian tech blog Tutto Android reported that some Italian users were seeing a new subscription tier added to Netflix alongside its basic, standard, and premium plans.

What is Netflix "Ultra" and how does it work?


According to reports, the new tier may focus on the amount of screens users have access to and new HDR (high dynamic range) features.

At the moment, basic users can watch Netflix from one device at a time; standard plan allows two screens at a time; and premium allows for four screens at a time.

Some reports indicate that a fourth tier, "ultra" would offer premium HDR streaming (although, its current premium package does already offer something called "ultraHD").

Netflix streaming ultra hd
Netflix's current three tiers including "ultraHD". Picture: Netflix/screenshot

According to screenshots taken by Tutto Android, Ultra would allow for viewing on four screens and streaming in HDR, an extremely high definition viewing experience that would only be available in that tier.

HDR basically shows your picture in more dynamic colours and contrast. There are hardware requirements for HDR that mean not every Netflix user will have the capabilities to stream in this new tier.

It is also unclear whether the "ultra" tier would necessarily cause standard or premium users to have access to fewer screens as a result (though some believe that is the case).

Netflix TV
Picture: Photo by on Unsplash

Users in European countries like Germany and Italy have already reported seeing this addition to the list of subscription plans, according to, with Ultra being priced at €16.99 (roughly £15 GBP or $19.90 USD).

This is only a test, which is why not all users European users are seeing this option just yet. It does not appear that US users are experiencing this roll out yet either.