'After' movie stars address controversial Harry Styles and Hardin Scott comparisons

13 April 2019, 12:15


By PopBuzz

In a recent interview, the young stars of 'After' discussed how the character of Hardin Scott differs from Harry Styles.

After hit theatres April 12 and the film has come a long way from its origins as a Harry Styles fanfic. While some saw the connection to the One Direction musician as potentially problematic, Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes, and author Anna Todd say there aren't many similarities between Hardin Scott and Harry Styles.

In an interview with Jersti Flaa, the stars of the film explained that the depiction of Hardin in After came a long way from the initial Harry Styles inspiration.

Los Angeles Premiere Of Aviron Pictures' 'After' - After Party
Los Angeles Premiere Of Aviron Pictures' 'After' - After Party. Picture: Getty

"The fanfiction was very loosely based on his face," Josephine Langford explained when Flaa mentioned the 25-year-old musician. "I feel like we've come a long way."

Author Anna Todd agreed, pointing out that there are key differences between the fictional character and the real life musician. "He doesn't sing. He's not in a band. He's living in the US. He's going to college. He has a different family life."

Hero Fiennes, who plays Hardin, says that he didn't model his portrayal of the character after Harry. "I feel like he's a very wholesome character and it stands on its own and I didn't need to take any inspiration from Harry Styles."

You can watch the interview below.

Anna Todd also revealed that she hasn't met Harry Styles and hopes he hasn't read After.

After tells the story of Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) and Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes), a couple who meet as Tessa embarks on a new life at college. Despite having a boyfriend at home, Tessa is drawn to Hardin. Anna Todd originally wrote After on Wattpad in 2013, eventually getting a book deal in 2014.

Some Harry Styles fans were critical of After, based on its initial Harry Styles association