There's A New "American Horror Story" Murder House And It's Even Scarier Than The Original

5 August 2016, 10:01 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 10:33

American Horror Story Murder House
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

We would literally rather sleep in the Murder House basement than go within 10ft of this creepy looking thing!

More "American Horror Story" set pictures? Oh stop it, you're spoiling us! First we saw the pictures of the mysterious "Colonial Cabin", then came the totally fake cast list but now there's something way WAY more exciting and it might *actually* confirm the overall theme of the entire season.

What if we told you they were building a brand new "Murder House" for season six and it makes season one's terrifying setting look like a pretty chilled out Los Angeles vacation spot fit for the entire family? 


Yep, original sleuthers TMZ came through with the goods for a second time to reveal yet ANOTHER setting for the show and we're screaming.


Is it just us or does that look like the most terrifying house of all time? We would rather spend a night in the basement of the Murder House than go within 10ft of that creepy looking crib!

TMZ also revealed that the house isn't just an exterior - the entire thing, insides and out, has been furnished especially for the show, so fingers crossed this will be our main setting for the season!

So what does this tell us about the theme? Well, the AHS reddit page has already gone into theory overload and the majority of the fandom is leaning towards a creepy 'Cult' kinda vibe


Word on the street is that Kathy Bates has already shot some scenes in that mouldy looking hot tub thing but one reddit user has a pretty fair point that the tub might actually be some kind of initiation or baptism pool for a cult. (We've already said she'd be a killer cult leader!)

Many users have also pointed out that it could well be an old colonial style school - which would play right into the hands of Ryan Murphy's reveal about children being a big part of the next season and the "less opulent" statement about season six's overall look.

OMG! You can listen to *every episode* of the #PopBuzzPodcast right here! 

It's all getting a bit exciting now, we're not sure if we can take anymore of this teasing. As of writing, there's only *39* days to go until AHS S6 finally airs. We can't wait!


What do you make of these new snaps? Do you have your heart set on Evan Peters playing a low-key psychopathic yet ridiculously charming cult member yet? Let us know in the comments!