31 'Avengers: Endgame' memes that will kill you and bring you back to life

7 December 2018, 17:09 | Updated: 8 August 2019, 12:42

By Sam Prance

The 'Avengers 4' trailer has shook Marvel fans and the memes are everything...

Avengers 4 is coming. After months of waiting for it, Marvel have finally released the trailer and title for the highly-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War sequel and it looks incredible. Avengers: Endgame won't come out in cinemas until April next year but we've now got a glimpse of it and, if it's anything to go by, it will be one of the greatest cinematic events of 2019. Thanos is about to be taken down, but at what cost?

From the trailer it looks as though all of our MCU faves could be in some serious danger. Iron Man is stuck out on his own in the middle of space, Captain America is crying and Thor looks all kinds of angry. Not to mention, Thanos still appears to be wreaking havoc and killing people on earth. We know that some Avengers are coming back from the dust but we have no clue who we might lose in the process.

Check out all of the Avengers: Endgame trailer memes below.

'Avengers: Endgame' memes are breaking the internet
'Avengers: Endgame' memes are breaking the internet. Picture: YouTube // Twitter

Unsurprisingly, fans are shook by it. As opposed to being happy and triumphant, the trailer is ominous and soul-destroying. In fact, it's so devastating that fans have immediately begun to make memes out of it and it's safe to say that they encompass everything that we're feeling right now. With that in mind, we've gathered 31 of the funniest and most heartbreaking ones all in one place for you.

1. People are not beating around the bush.

We're ready but we're also not ready.

2. Everyone is experiencing the same emotions.


3. That title sounds familiar.

If you know, you know.

4. The visual effects are killing us.

This is too much.

5. What if...


6. They need to stop playing with out hearts like this.

We will not accept this theory even if it happens.

7. Film critic Twitter is already doing deep dives.

We're not crying. You are.


It's not supposed to be like this.


We're ruined.

10. It's time to press charges.

Russo brothers your time is up.

11. Okay everyone is pressing charges.

Russo brothers going ✈️ bankruptcy.

12. Captain Marvel, where u at?


13. Is Tony Stark going to...


14. Our sweet, beautiful boys.

Sad boi hours start now.

15. At least someone is cheerful...

...for now.

16. We're guilty of this tbh.

Don't lie. You have too.

17. Look at that upgrade.

We're so proud.

18. I mean...

No comment.

19. That's it. Life is over as we know it.

This is the worst extreme makeover show we've ever watched.

20. Also what happened to Captain America's facial hair?


21. The fresh face could be a good sign though.

Thanos is over.

22. Anyone else get goosebumps?

The trailer is depressing af but it is also that bitch.

23. We need to see the film right now.

If only.

24. The internet never fails us.

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular.


The disrespect.

26. If this isn't all of us.

Holy shit indeed.

27. The four moods.

*cries in asgardian language some more*

28. Now who can we blame?

She has a point your honour.

29. At least Hawkeye is back.


30. And someone is coming to fix this mess.

Ant-Man never fails us.

31. Now seriously, if someone could take us to April already please.

We in no way endorse murder but...