Bella Thorne’s TV Show Got “Cancelled” And She Found Out On Twitter

27 June 2018, 15:40

Bella Thorne Famous In Love Cancelled
Picture: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images/Freeform

By Katie Louise Smith

Freeform responded to the claims after Bella tweeted her confusion at the cancellation.

While it's not actually official yet, it looks like Bella Thorne has found out that her own TV show, Famous In Love, has apparently been cancelled via Twitter.

First reported by The Hollywood Reporter, sources reportedly claimed that Freeform initially wanted to do a third season of the show but only if streaming partner Hulu made a larger monetary contribution. After they declined, the network allegedly decided to cancel it.

After being reported on by numerous outlets, it was soon noticed by the cast and crew of the show, who apparently had no idea that it had been "cancelled."

Bella, who plays Paige Townsen on the show, found out via Twitter. In a tweet, she revealed that she had not been informed of any such cancellation, writing: "If this is how I find out our show is canceled..I’m going to be so upset. Very hurtful freeform. I woulda liked a phone call maybe."

However, after Bella's response to the story, the network issued a statement to EW claiming that "no decision has been made at this time" in regards to the show's future.

According to THR's report, sources also claimed that Bella Thorne and show-runner I. Marlene King "are said to have clashed on multiple occasions, with the actress exhibiting what sources described as "diva-like behavior" on set."

King also took to Twitter to set the record straight about the relationship between her and Bella, as well as her hopes for a season three renewal at Freeform.

Whatever happens to the show, we hope someone tells Bella first before she finds out on social media again. That wasn't cute at all!