Bella Thorne is directing a porn movie for Pornhub called Her & Him

14 August 2019, 15:44 | Updated: 14 October 2019, 15:46

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Miss Thorne is just full of surprises.

From the Disney Channel to Pornhub, Bella Thorne has had quite the career evolution over the years. Now the Shake It Up actress is heading into the pornography industry and she'll be directing an X-rated movie for Pornhub.

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Bella is making her directorial debut on Her & Him, which is inspired by Romeo and Juliet. Bella partnered with the video sharing website for the movie, which will debut at the Oldenburg Film Festival in September 2019. After that, it will be available for Pornhub Premium subscribers.

Bella Thorne attends the book signing for her new book, Her & Him trailer.
Bella Thorne attends the book signing for her new book, Her & Him trailer. Picture: JC Olivera/Contributor, Pornhub via YouTube

The movie, which features adult stars Abella Danger and Small Hands, is basically about two lovers who look intent on killing each other. In the trailer, Abella Danger Google searches "how to kill my boyfriend and get away with it" and at one point there seems to be a struggle over a huge kitchen knife. Yeah, probably not what you would expect from your traditional X-rated movie.

Bella revealed more about her new flick on Pornhub's Behind the Scenes YouTube series. She said: "What inspired me to make the movie was basically thinking about this relationship between a male and a female, and this fight over dominance and how much that relates to us in our general world besides in a sexual scenario."

Watch Her & Him trailer here.

Bella's original vision was very different, though, as she went on to reveal that Her & Him was meant to be Christmas horror film. Instead it turned into "a beautiful, ethereal, neon" movie.

And when it came to the filming, it was quite the, erm, "fun" experience. "The process of shooting was quite interesting because we had real life fucking on set, which I had never shot before…at all," Bella added.

Of course, Bella has already predicted that people will have something to say about her making porn but she insists that it's just another genre.

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She continued: "If you think that porn is uncomfortable, I’m sorry that you are uncomfortable. But don’t make other people feel uncomfortable for being okay with it because at the end of the day it is sex and it's something that the human body wants, it needs, it constantly craves for it. And it's just a very understandable thing.

"And if you're scared of it that's fine, to each their own, but don't tear someone else down because they're confident with their sexuality and they're okay to admit that."

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