Bella Thorne Got Matching Tattoos With Her "Twin" And You Have To See Them

2 October 2017, 11:43

Bella Thorne tattoo asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika


If there is one thing to know about former Disney actress, Bella Thorne, it's that she and her sister Dani are very close.

Despite their five-year age gap, the pair are constantly supporting each other's work. They're both in the spotlight, Dani as a DJ and Bella as an actress, but their sisterly bond always comes first.

That's why, when we heard that they'd recently gotten matching "twin" tattoos we were not surprised at all. Bella took to Instagram stories to document her new ink and it seriously made us want to call our own sisters.

 Bella Thorne tattoo 1

via Instagram Stories/Bella Thorne

Bella captioned one of her stories "matching tats with da twin @dani_thorne @winter_stone". @winter_stone is Daniel Winter, an LA-based tattoo artist who has inked Bella in the past. He has also done tattoos for Miley Cyrus and Janel Parrish. 

Bella shared the finished results on both their feet and the tattoos are seriously precious. 

Bella Thorne tattoo 2

via Instagram Stories/Bella Thorne 

The tattoos read "If lost, find twin" on the side of their feet. 

The girls do look remarkably similar. Their red hair and facial features could convince anyone that they're more than regular sisters. Bella and Dani even have the same septum piercing!


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You heard em', folks. If one of these ladies ever gets lost, PLEASE return to her twin.