People Think Bella Thorne Is Pregnant Thanks To This One Instagram Post

24 January 2018, 14:50

Bella Thorne, Instagram
Picture: Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

Bella's boyfriend Mod Sun posted a picture to his Instagram and the comment section went WILD

Another day, another slay on social media for Bella Thorne. "Ohhhh, What she done now?", we hear you cry? Well... She's only gone and got half her fandom losing their minds over one very suspicious Instagram picture.

Bella's boyfriend Mod Sun posted a picture to Instagram yesterday (Jan 23) of him kissing Bella's stomach with the caption "ur doing so amazing I love watching u shine bb," and now, people think it's a bit sus.

ur doing so amazing I️ love watching u shine bb

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Bella also shared the picture on her Instagram stories but she left it caption-less, leaving her fans to speculate and promptly lose their sh*t. The reason? Everyone thinks that the picture was Bella's subtle way of letting her fans know that she's with child.

Bella Thorne, Mod Sun, Instagram Comments
Picture: Instagram

If you've ever watched either of their Instagram stories, you'll know that Bella and Mod Sun are like, very close and very much all over each other all the time so a picture like this isn't too out of the ordinary for them. It was probably just a taken on a standard Tuesday afternoon. Neither Bella nor Mod Sun have responded to the influx of comments on their Instagram posts yet.

In other news, Bella and her friend got kicked out of a hotel at Sundance Film Festival because someone in her squad was smoking weed. What a week!