Bella Thorne Just Said She Was Sexually Assaulted And Fans Are Tweeting Their Support

10 December 2017, 14:35

Bella Thorne
Picture: @bellathorne / Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

Bella bravely came forward on Twitter after a troll sent her an inappropriate message.

Over the past few months, we've seen countless women and men bravely come forward (some after years of silence) to address their experiences of sexual assault.

The latest person to speak out about their abuse is ex-Disney Channel star Bella Thorne.

A few days ago, Bella posted a picture of herself looking AMAZING and shared it to Twitter.

But unfortunately, as is usually the way things go whenever Bella posts a selfie... someone replied to the tweet with an inappropriate message saying "What did Disney do to this girl? I think she was molested."

And then Bella replied...

Bella Thorne Tweet
Picture: @bellathorne / Twitter

Bella didn't elaborate on anything else, including the identity of the person who sexually abused her either but she did say that it had nothing to do with Disney.

She followed the tweet up with this a few minutes later:

Now friends and fans are tweeting their support and applauding her bravery for speaking out about it.

Massive respect for Bella for being strong enough to speak up about it and hopefully, her bravery will inspire countless other young people to speak up about their experiences too.

Keep doing you, Bella.

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