Bella Thorne accuses Mod Sun of 'lying' after releasing their wedding video

8 August 2019, 16:46 | Updated: 14 October 2019, 16:01

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Bella Thorne posted the video of a wedding ceremony she and Mod Sun had earlier this year. On Twitter, Mod Sun did not seem happy about this, tweeting: "Seriously.....don’t use our wedding video to promote ur book."

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun broke up back in April and have publicly traded bars more than once since then. This week, the former couple clashed once more, this time over a wedding video posted to Bella's Instagram account.

Earlier this year, Bella and Mod Sun had a ceremony that looked an awful lot like a wedding, but that doesn't appear to have been legally binding. Mod Sun actually alluded to the ceremony in a recent interview.

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Bella shared the video of the ceremony along with a poem she wrote about depression. Later, Mod Sun took to Twitter to slam the use of the video in the promotion of Bella's book.

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This poem is one of my favorites depression. If u don’t struggle with depression then you don’t know that, depression isn’t being sad some times and u need a pick me up. Depression is something that is deep inside that just stays there. It’s an overwhelming/underwhelming feeling that stays by your side. In your happiest moments of life you can still feel that underlying sadness creeping in reminding you to work on your mental state. That’s why I put depression over this video. It was my best description visually. I didn’t wanna show me in a room sad alone, because many people think u should just “cheer up” or “go have some fun” “hang with your friends” “go party get out of the house!” “ no wonder why ur lonely!” But none of that helps. I hope this poem helps u. I love u and ur not alone. Ps. No, mod and I never really got married, this was one of his bday presents he wanted :) so my friends and I threw together a beautiful night of laughter. #thelifeofawannabemogul

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"Seriously.....don’t use our wedding video to promote ur book," Mod Sun tweeted. "Don’t disrespect my idea of what love is...if u were faking it that day then u really are an amazing actress. Stop being intentionally hurtful to people healing [sic]."

Bella countered Mod's tweet by sharing screenshots of text messages from Thursday, 2 May that show the two talking about sharing the video.

"U just keep lying and u won’t stop, I was trying to remember how beautiful we were sad. V sad u brought us to this," she tweeted.

Mod later cited a dispute over Bella's book artwork as a source of tension and a reason why he "wouldn’t want to be used in the promotion for ur book...."

Bella later revealed that the two split on the anniversary of her father's death.

Meanwhile, Bella has been busy promoting her new book, The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray. The book is a collection of poems about her life and experiences.