Blake Lively set to play Lily Bloom in It Ends With Us movie adaptation

27 January 2023, 14:08

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By Katie Louise Smith

Blake is currently attached to play Lily, while Justin Baldoni will play Ryle and direct the movie.

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The movie adaptation of Colleen Hoover's bestselling novel It Ends With Us appears to have found its Lily Bloom... Blake Lively is currently attached to portray the lead role.

According to Deadline, Blake and Justin Baldoni (Jane The Virgin) are set to play Lily and Ryle Kincaid in the film, with Justin also directing. There's no release date just yet for the movie as its still in the development stages.

It Ends With Us was first published in 2016, but became a huge sensation on TikTok over the past couple of years. In 2022, more copies of the book were sold than the actual bible. However, the book's subject matter hasn't been without criticism and people have been very vocal about it.

Blake Lively is attached to play Lily Bloom in It Ends With Us
Blake Lively is attached to play Lily Bloom in It Ends With Us. Picture: Taylor Hill/Getty Images, Atria Books

It Ends With Us centres around Lily Bloom and her relationship with Ryle Kincaid, who ends up abusing her. Hoover revealed that the book was based on the troubled marriage of her parents.

The book also includes flashbacks to Lily's time with her first love, Atlas Corrigan. Atlas' reintroduction to Lily's life years later then threatens her and Ryle's current relationship, with Ryle eventually becoming abusive.

No actor has been rumoured or cast to play Atlas Corrigan yet. Popular names that have been mention in fan castings on social media include Dylan O'Brien, Matthew Daddario and Sam Claflin.

Justin Baldoni will play Ryle Kincaid in It Ends With Us
Justin Baldoni will play Ryle Kincaid in It Ends With Us. Picture: Getty

Earlier this month, Colleen Hoover came under fire for releasing a "tone-deaf" colouring book based on the book.

On both TikTok and GoodReads, the author was slammed for "completely diminishing the message that you’re trying to send about domestic violence because you’re mixing it with something childish."

Another added: “Yes there are adult colouring books, but why did you choose that book to do it with specifically? I don’t really think people want to be colouring, ‘Oh Lily you fell’ or people getting bitten, like she was literally bitten by her partner. He gaslighted her, he made her afraid to tell her about her own pregnancy in case he reacted badly.”

Shortly after backlash began, she issued and apology and confirmed that she was trying to get the publishers to pull the whole thing.

"The coloring book was developed with Lily's strength in mind, but I can absolutely see how this was tone-deaf," she wrote. "I hear you guys and I agree with you. No excuses. No finger pointing. I have contacted the publisher to let them know I would prefer we don't move forward with it. Thank you for the respectful discourse and accountability. Nothing but love."

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