These Memes Prove That Bran From 'Game Of Thrones' Is Definitely An Emo Kid

8 August 2017, 11:17

Everyone Thinks Bran From 'Game Of Thrones' Is An
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The Stark child is clearly going through a bit of a phase with his new moody attitude.


Game Of Thrones fans may have noticed something different about one of the Stark children in the last few episodes as season 7 sees Bran continue his journey to become the three-eyed-raven and return, at last, to Winterfell.

And while Bran's ability to see the past, future and more have definitely seen his character arc develop greatly since the early days, there is one change in particular that everyone seems to be pointing out.

Basically, Bran is emo now.


Well, he is a teenager after all.

Yep, with his mix of brooding gazes into the distance, penchant for darker clothing and swoopy fringe, Bran Stark is just one MCR-tattoo away from acheiving full emo kid status. Honestly, we're kinda on board with it in principal but man, that chat with Sansa was pretty stilted. Come on dude, just 'cos you're emo doesn't mean you can't have a nice chat now and then.

But don't just take our word for it - here's just a few of the many people who've spotted Bran's new-found fondess for a Hot Topic-style aesthetic:








So what do you think? Are you feeling emo Bran or nah? Let us know over in the Facebook comments.

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