21 hilarious Bran Stark memes from Game of Thrones season 8, episode 1

16 April 2019, 16:02 | Updated: 18 April 2019, 12:37

Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

Someone has set up a GoFundMe page for Bran Stark so he can GET OUT OF THE WINTERFELL COURTYARD.

The Game of Thrones season 8 premiere kicked off on Sunday night for US fans, and on Monday for UK viewers. After almost two years, there was naturally a lot of hype around the new season, with fans waiting with bated breath to see what would go down in 'Winterfell'.

**WARNING: Spoilers are coming**

To set the scene, a rather cold-looking Daenerys and Jon Snow rode on horseback up to the Starks' home of Winterfell, where Jon's sisters Arya and Sansa were waiting for him. As we know, Bran also returned to the north in season 7, revealing he was the Three-Eyed Raven, but Jon had left Winterfell by that point.

Jon, Sansa, Arya and Bran have not shared screen time since season 1. But what should've been a joyous family reunion was cut short when Bran rebukes Jon for all the heart-warming greetings, saying: "We don't have time for all of this!"

And, as you can imagine, Twitter had the time of its life at Bran's attitude throughout the entire episode and meme'd every scene within an inch of its life.

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Here are the best Bran Stark memes from Game of Thrones season 8, episode 1:

Bran Stark has become one of the most meme-able characters in Game of Thrones
Bran Stark has become one of the most meme-able characters in Game of Thrones. Picture: HBO

Bran's reaction to seeing his brother Jon for the first time in years

This scene was hella awkward - but in the best way possible. As you'll remember, Jon left Winterfell back in season 7 to head to Dragonstone, but it was before Bran reached the Stark home. So, like, this reunion should've been touching, but now that "Bran has...whatever Bran has" (couldn't have worded it better ourselves, Sam), his response to his older sibling was somewhat detached. And of course GoT fans LOVED IT.

Bran telling everyone to STFU and focus on the goal

We feel sorry for Jon. He brings back his new bae Dany to meet his family, and they could not give less of a shit. Sansa's sass levels were through the roof and Bran's like "yeah, yeah, can we get on with it??" (which, not gonna lie, was kinda how we felt, too).

Someone has even set up a GoFundMe page to buy Bran Stark a ramp so he can finally get out of the Winterfell courtyard

Bran's creeping in general

Okay, Bran's creeping is a whole mood. It seems like the kid is never not lurking in the courtyard these days - and it didn't go unnoticed.

Run, Jaime!

A mysterious, black-cloaked figure rides through Winterfell's arches on horseback. There's a light dusting of snow on his shoulders, and as he dismounts his steed, he turns to face the camera, taking down the hood...revealing himself as Jaime fuckin' Lannister. That's right - the Kingslayer has arrived. And who should be waiting for him? None other than Bran "Creeper" Stark.

Because Bran apparently knows everything, he was surely anticipating Jaime's arrival, and wanted him to feel awkward AF for pushing him out the window in season 1.

Run, Jaime, ruuuun!

You will literally never be able to get away with treason as long as Bran Stark is still alive

The next episode of Game of Thrones drops on HBO in the US on Sunday, April 21.

UK viewers can watch it on Monday 22 on Sky Atlantic from 9pm, or on NOW TV.