"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Has Been Cancelled After 5 Season At FOX

11 May 2018, 12:19

Brooklyn Nine Nine Cancelled At FOX
Picture: FOX

By Katie Louise Smith

A few big networks have already expressed interest in renewing the series - so it might not be over for the 99th precinct.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have gathered you here today to give you some bad news. Terrible news, really. We are very very very sorry to report that our dear sweet Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been cancelled after 5 seasons at FOX.

The show never had HUGE ratings but it was FOX's highest rated comedy; it also won two Golden Globe awards in 2014 - one for 'Best TV Series Comedy or Musical' and one for 'Best Actor in a Comedy' for Jake Peralta himself, Andy Samberg. The network also cancelled The Last Man On Earth and The Mick.

Fans and actors on the show alike have all taken to Twitter to express their sadness and anger over the cancellation of the show. Melissa Fumero (Amy), Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa) and Joe LoTruglio (Charles) have all made statements on Twitter about the show.

Fans are also pointing out that, while consistently hilarious, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a very inclusive and diverse comedy - something that is VERY rare on TV even in 2018.

B99 was quietly progressive; the show managed to represent all kinds of New Yorkers without ever stereotyping races or cultures. It touched upon homophobia in the police force along with bisexuality, biphobia, racial profiling and toxic masculinity. It really was THAT™ show.

Despite its cancellation, the staggering outpouring of love and appreciation for the show in the wake of the news could prove to be an important factor in the potential revival of the series.

Networks are reportedly already circling, hoping to pick the show up and renew it for even more seasons. Streaming services Hulu and Netflix are potential saviours alongside TBS and NBC. (After FOX cancelled The Mindy Project, Hulu picked it up for a further 3 seasons.)

To be honest, we wouldn't be surprised if this show lives to fight another day. Keep tweeting #RenewB99. Do it for Gina.