'Call Me By Your Name' Is Releasing A Peach Scented Soundtrack And Fans Cannot Deal

14 June 2018, 17:32

Call Me By Your Name
Call Me By Your Name. Picture: Sony Pictures Classics

By Sam Prance

This is everything...

There's no denying that Call Me By Your Name mania is huge. Ever since the Academy Award nominated film was released, the coming of age drama has developed a widespread following of devoted fans around the world. Viewers young and old cannot get enough of the ill-fated romance between Elio (a high school student) and Oliver (his summer tutor).

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The screen adaptation of André Aciman's beloved novel hasn't caught people's attention just because of its critical acclaim though. One scene in particular has been the subject of much discussion on and off the internet. Near the end of the movie, Elio masturbates using a peach. It sounds weird yes but just watch the film and... just watch the film.

And now the people behind Call Me By Your Name have answered all of our peach related prayers. They are releasing the film's soundtrack on a peach scented vinyl. No. We are not joking. This is really happening. Music On Vinyl will sell 7,777 copies of the special edition of the Vinyl during peach season this year. It goes on sale August 3rd.

Unsurprisingly the internet were quick to react.

Some had to state it just to process that it's true.

Yes. We too are also in disbelief.

Others were quick to embrace it.

All dreams are vaild. We are so happy that Music On Vinyl are helping people achieve theirs.

A couple of fans called out Call Me By Your Name for taking all of their money.

The heart wants what it wants.

Seriously, though. We have bills to pay.

It's worth it though... right?

A few people pointed out what an excellent business idea it is.


Then there were those who took it too far.

This is a lot to process.

And last but not least there were one or two people who wondered if the gays have gone too far.

Whatever your thoughts, we're pretty sure that they are going to sell out quickly.

Happy peach season Call Me By Your Name stans!