Bill Skarsgard's TERRIFYING New Show 'Castle Rock' Is Here And People Are Obsessed

31 July 2018, 13:09

By Katie Louise Smith

The new anthology series based on the works of Stephen King has arrived and it's blowing everyone's minds.

It's been 84 years since American Horror Story and Stranger Things were last on our screens and we don't know about you but we're getting tired of waiting. Thankfully, a new show just dropped on Hulu that's about to fill that gap in your life - and it's called Castle Rock.

Some people are calling it the "grown-up version" of Stranger Things and honestly, given the creepy and sinister storylines and undertones we've seen so far... they're not wrong.

Castle Rock is a psychological horror series based on the works of Stephen King. (He's the guy responsible for Pennywise, if you didn't already know.) The show focuses on Henry Deaver, a child who went missing in 1991, and the mysterious "Kid" who is found in an underground cage in prison in 2018.

Castle Rock Hulu Bill Skarsgard
Picture: Hulu

So, what is Castle Rock about?

The show, which will be an anthology series just like American Horror Story, intertwines characters and themes from King's fictional town of Castle Rock.

Each episode will be based on a different aspect of King's work, with all the characters and storylines coming together as the end of the season gets nearer. While the series will tell an original story, you can expect references to iconic works like The Shawshank Redemption and of course, IT

Where can I watch the show?

Castle Rock is streaming on Hulu, which means you can only watch it if you're signed up to the streaming service. Sorry about it.

How many episodes are there?

There are three episodes available to watch right now on Hulu. The next episode will be released on August 1.

Who is in the cast?

Seeing as the series is presented as an anthology, there's a pretty big (and brilliant) cast for the show. The four main characters are played by André Holland, Sissy Spacek, Jane Levy, Melanie Lynskey and of course, Bill Skarsgård. The long list of recurring cast members include Frances Conroy, Terry O'Quinn, Noel Fisher, Ann Cusack and Chosen Jacobs who recently starred as Mike Hanlon in 2017's IT.

The series has been certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes already, with an 80% critics rating and a 94% audience rating. Despite only being release a day days ago, fans are already losing their minds over the incredible story that has been created based on the legendary works of Stephen King.

People are obviously raving about Bill Skarsgård's performance in the show.


The series in general is leaving people feeling... confused, to say the least.


This show has EVERYTHING. Ex-American Horror Story cast members. Stephen King's creepy as multiverse all rolled into one. JJ Abrams back on his bullshit. BILL SKARSGÅRD.


Lives are being changed as we speak.


Who's up for forming a support group?


If you love Stephen King's previous works, it sounds like you're gonna DIE when you see this.


I think the internet just found it's new favourite TV show.