Where was 'Chambers' on Netflix filmed?: The intense drama set in Crystal Valley has audiences hooked

27 April 2019, 22:31

Where was Netflix Chambers filmed? -  Albuquerque, New Mexico
Where was Netflix Chambers filmed? - Albuquerque, New Mexico. Picture: Netflix
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The filming location of 'Chambers' on Netflix created a sparse desert backdrop for the story about a young woman (Sasha), who receives a heart transplant from a dead girl named Becky.

Netflix dropped Chambers on Friday, April 26. The eerie show, set in a place called Crystal Valley, already has audiences hooked, but where is Chambers filmed?

Chambers stars Sivan Alyra Rose (Sasha), Uma Thurman (Nancy), and Tony Goldwyn (Ben). The show is about a teenage girl from a place called Cottonwood, who receives a heart transplant from a wealthy young student named Becky, who has died under mysterious circumstances. In Chambers, Sasha transfers to Crystal Valley High school and the entire show's desert setting is quite striking alongside its spooky premise.

Where is Chambers filmed
Where is Chambers filmed. Picture: Netflix

Where is Chambers on Netflix filmed?

Chambers is filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Much of the show's backdrop features picturesque desert locales and sees our main character, Sasha, transfer to a school where she is placed alongside wealthy families and students.

At the start, following a hot and heavy moment with her boyfriend, TJ, Sasha suffers a life altering hart attack. After her recovery, Sasha transfers to Crystal Valley High School on a scholarship after her heart donor's parents arrange for her to attend the school.

Though set in Arizona, Chambers was filmed in nearby New Mexico and, no, Crystal Valley high school is not based on a real place.

Netflix Chambers
Netflix Chambers. Picture: Netflix

Over the course of Chambers' first season on Netflix, we see that Becky and Sasha are more linked than we may have initially thought. When Becky died, Sasha inherits far more than just her donor's heart. Audiences watch as Sasha gains some of Becky's memories and characteristics.

The show's desert backdrop is eerie and sparse, further setting the scene for Netflix's newest horror tale.

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