"The Circle" On Channel 4: What Is It? Where Is It Filmed? And How Can I Watch It?

19 September 2018, 16:57

Channel 4 The Circle Hosts Players
Picture: Channel 4/The Circle
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Here's what you need to know about "The Circle", Channel 4's new reality programme revolving around social media.

The Circle is Channel 4's latest buzzy reality TV show. The programme will see contestants compete for a cash prize over the course of three weeks. It's not your run-of-the-mill reality TV competition format, though. Players will compete under very special circumstances and adhere to very unusual rules.

So, what is The Circle, who are its hosts, and what is the series all about?

What Is "The Circle" and what are the rules on "The Circle"?

The Circle is a new Channel 4 realty TV show that sees 8 individuals at a time compete for a £50,000 cash prize. They'll all be living in a single apartment building but, the catch is, they can't see or hear one another.

Instead, they communicate via a social networking platform created just for the show. In The Circle, contestants can create their profile, tailor their bios for optimum likeability, and curate a persona to help them win the game.

As long as the contestants are still in the game, they will never get to meet or see their neighbours face-to-face. The only information they have to go on is the information that each contestant chooses to share.

The other catch is that players do not have to be fully truthful about who they are. They can fib about their age, sexual orientation, jobs, or who they are ENTIRELY.

The players on The Circle can rate each other and those with low ratings run the risk of being blocked and removed from the circle. At that point, they will pack their bags, leave The Circle, and someone new will take their place. This is all happening over the course of 3 weeks.

The Circle on Channel 4 players
Picture: Channel 4

Who are the hosts of "The Circle"?

The circle is hosted by TV presenters Maya Jama and Alice Levine.

You may also know Maya as a model as well as an MTV and BBC 1 presenter. Alice Levine also co-hosts a popular podcast called My Dad Wrote A Porrno with her two friends, Jamie Morton and James Cooper.

You also know Alice for her presenting work on ITV, BBC, and MTV.

The Circle Alice and Maya
Picture: Channel 4

Who is the narrator voice of "The Circle"?

The Circle is narrated by comedian Sophie Willan.

What is "The Circle" about? Is there a deeper meaning?

The Circle is being compared to Big Brother and Black Mirror. Its premise revolves around ideas and concepts that viewers will already be aware of as avid social media users. Namely, idea that someone might curate a persona that isn't exactly true to their real selves in order to become popular or get ahead.

The rating system and the use of technology to socialise without face-to-face interaction is a bit Black Mirror-ish, too, isn't it?

Where is The Circle filmed?

The Circle is filmed in an apartment building in Hayes, West London.

The circle channel 4 houses
Picture: Channel 4

How to watch "The Circle": When is it on?

The Circle airs exclusively on Channel 4. It will air 10pm every day, except for Saturdays. Though its premiere episode was at an earlier time slot of 9:15, 10pm-11:05pm is the regular time slot. Registered UK viewers can also watch The Circle via Channel 4's All 4 app after its initial broadcast.

The Circle will air for 3 weeks from September 18.