Cody Fern was called a "genderf*ck rebel" and the internet is divided

12 March 2019, 14:56

Cody Fern
Picture: Photo by Tibrina Hobson/WireImage/FOX American Horror Story Promotional Image

By PopBuzz

"It's not new, it's not revolutionary. But it is nice to see Cody getting some recognition."

American Horror Story actor Cody Fern recently appeared on the cover of British GQ Style #28 alongside a headline that described him as "Hollywood's Genderf*ck rebel". In response to the cover, some debated whether the actor should be given title of "Genderfuck rebel".

FX And Vanity Fair Emmy Celebration - Arrivals
FX And Vanity Fair Emmy Celebration - Arrivals. Picture: Getty

Cody is being held up as somebody whose style choices don't revolve around upholding gender-based norms. Cody has frequently worn eye make up on the red carpet, as well as non-traditional suits. Cody's Golden Globes red carpet look, for example, saw the star don a sheer shouldered top and a light smokey eye.

It should also be noted that Cody didn't give himself the title of "genderf*ck rebel".

FOX, FX And Hulu 2019 Golden Globe Awards After Party - Arrivals
FOX, FX And Hulu 2019 Golden Globe Awards After Party - Arrivals. Picture: Getty

Does wearing eye make up on the red carpet with a sheer top really make for a "genderfuck rebel"? Not everyone thought so.

"Don’t get me wrong, I love what he’s doing," one fan wrote on Twitter, "but it speaks volumes that we still live in such a heteronormative society when a guy slaps on some eyeshadow and a sheer shirt and suddenly he’s 'Hollywood’s Genderfuck Rebel'.

"Putting a bit of eyeliner on doesn't make you a "genderfuck", whatever that is," wrote another fan on a reddit thread discussing the label. "It's not new, it's not revolutionary. But it is nice to see Cody getting some recognition. If you compare red carpet photos of Cody from early 2018 to now, there's a big difference in terms of style."

While Cody does make interesting style choices, we have seen other men walk the red carpet wearing makeup, nail polish, dresses and skirts.

Some also suggested that such a title might go to someone who identifies as non-binary.

Twitter reactions cody fern
Twitter reactions cody fern. Picture: Twitter screenshot/astralstark

While others thought that the bar might be too low.

Cody fern genderfuck rebel reaction
Cody fern genderfuck rebel reaction. Picture: Twitter/ultravxcx
Cody Fern reaction
Cody Fern reaction. Picture: Twitter screenshot/la_gourde

Of course, many fans were excited that Cody nabbed the title of "genderfuck rebel" and congratulated the actor.

Cody fern reaction
Cody fern reaction. Picture: Twitter screenshot/hotelscortez

I think we can all agree that seeing non-conventional style choices on the red carpet is always a nice change. If you've seen one black designer tux, you've seen them all.

What do you guys think? Is Cody Fern a genderfuck rebel or just someone who makes interesting style and beauty choices?