Cole Sprouse And Casey Cott Look So Wholesome In This Photo You Might Actually Cry

10 August 2017, 11:32

Casey Cott Cole Sprouse Riverdale
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

We're not crying you are.

Did you know Cole Sprouse and Casey Cott's birthdays are only four days apart? No, of course you didn't. That would be weird. Why would anyone know that? Jeez.

That said, given their birthdays are so close together, the Riverdale crew decided to celebrate Cole and Casey's birthdays together and it looks like they had a lot of each other's expense. 

Cole and Casey, who both turned 25, were given some delicious looking birthday cake while filming season 2. Casey posted this wholesome snap of them holding their cakes with a special shout out to Dylan Sprouse. 


It didn't stop there. Cole decided to gently rip into Casey for the lack of birthday gifts they've exchanged.


To be fair, Casey did get in their first with this deliciously shady message. Lol!


Gagging! See, this is what birthdays are about. Not the presents, or the cards, or being spoilt by your friends. It's about being ripped to shreds by your loved ones. Also, shout out to Casey's mum for the beautiful cake. She should legit start a cake business. We will buy five Kevin cakes as soon as you let up shop.