Cole Sprouse Posted A Throwback Photo With A Lili Reinhart Lookalike And Now We Can't Unsee It

29 August 2017, 15:48

Cole and Lili
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

We're seeing double here.

Everyone knows that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart slay as Bughead on the CW's Riverdale. Apart from their characters' chemistry, the pair are such good friends that it must feel like they've known each other for ages. 

Their friendship obviously blossomed on the set of Riverdale, but Cole recently posted a throwback photo on Instagram Stories that will make you question everything. 

Sprouse twins

via Twitter/@anna_laura_19

No, that's not Lili in the picture. It looks like Cole came across a throwback of him and Dylan with a fan who looks eerily similar to his Riverdale co-star. He captioned the photo by jokingly tagging Lili. 

Twitter user @anna_laura_19 confirmed that she was the fan in the picture. There is no denying the fact that young Anna looks a lot like Lili here. The hair...the face...the eyes...we're shook. 

In fact, we had to consult one of Lili's actual throwback photos to make sure we weren't seeing double.

Lili Reinhart throwback photo

via Instagram/Lili Reinhart 

Maybe Cole is onto something here. Is this the part in the Parent Trap where Anna and Lili connect two halves of a torn photo?

via Parent Trap/Walt Disney Pictures