Colton Underwood compared period blood to "sh*t" and the internet is roasting him

4 April 2019, 12:29

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"That is so gross. So, if you sh*t your pants are you going to just wash them?"

Colton Underwood's stint on The Bachelor endeared him to fans of the show, but his latest comments on "period underwear" might have had the opposite effect. In a recent interview with Ladygang, Colton was asked his thoughts on period underwear and his response hasn't earned him points with fans on social media.

One of the Ladygang hosts posed an important philosophical question to the recent Bachelor. "Colton, if you're married to me, do you notice if I'm wearing a cute underwear or, like, a period underwear?"

After the hosts explained that "period underwear" were the ones that are already "f*cked up", Colton looked visibly shocked.

Watch video of the exchange at the top of the page.

Colton Underwood on Ladygang
Colton Underwood on Ladygang. Picture: E! Entertainment

"You keep them around? Go buy new underwear," he said, amid the cross talk at the table. "Throw them away and go buy new underwear. I, as a husband and a boyfriend, will go buy you a new underwear. That is so gross. So, if you sh*t your pants are you going to just wash them? No, you're throwing them away."

One of the hosts did helpfully point out that "it's not shit. It's flesh of my womb." However, some people are taking issue with the initial comparison of period blood to "sh*t".

In fairness to Colton, the utility of period underwear wasn't fully explained to him. The entire point of period underwear is that they tend to be an old, inexpensive, or unflattering pair that can withstand hell week. Keeping them around serves a specific purpose and calling them "so gross" further stigmatises periods and misses the point of the small life adjustments people who menstruate have to make during that time of the month.

Fans reacted to his comments on social media.

Twitter reaction to Colton Underwood
Twitter reaction to Colton Underwood. Picture: @Twitter/Katiejane360/Screenshot
Reaction to Colton Period comments Twitter
Reaction to Colton Period comments Twitter. Picture: Twitter/@DanielaEspo
Colton Period panties
Colton Period panties Reactions. Picture: @savannahreid96/Twitter
Reaction to Colton Underwood period comments
Reaction to Colton Underwood period comments. Picture: @Twitter/xtinebianx

Okay, well. Periods aren't gross and no one has a million dollars per year to spend on underwear. Court is adjourned.