Control Z ending explained: Who is the hacker in the Netflix series?

25 May 2020, 11:38 | Updated: 25 May 2020, 11:41

By Sam Prance

Sofía finally figures out who the Control Z hacker is in the dramatic season 1 finale on Netflix and the answer might shock you.

Control Z keeps us wondering who the All Your Secrets hacker is all season long and the ending finally reveals who they are.

In the first episode of Control Z on Netflix, someone hacks into people's phones at El Colegio Nacional and begins exposing the students' biggest secrets. If that weren't crazy enough, the All Your Secrets hacker also begins blackmailing people into doing all sorts of terrible things for them. Throughout the series, Sofía, Javier and Raúl attempt to find out who they are.

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However, it isn't until the season 1 finale that people find out who the hacker really is and fans are losing it over the ending.

Who is the hacker in Control Z? SPOILERS BELOW

Control Z: Who is the hacker? The shocking Season 1 ending explained
Control Z: Who is the hacker? The shocking Season 1 ending explained. Picture: Netflix

Sofía initially becomes convinced that the hacker is Javier. In episode 5, she finds the hacker's hideout and notices a sticker from Javier's backpack there. She also sees her prize bracelet in Javier's school locker, after it went missing when she was kidnapped by the hacker in episode 4. In episode 6, we learn that Javier may have even killed a student at his old school.

Sofía then chooses to steer clear of Javier and sleep with Raúl at the end of episode 6 but the camera pans out and we see the hacker's mask under Raúl's bed. We learn that the hacker is actually Raúl and he framed Javier so that Sofía wouldn't trust him anymore. Nevertheless, it's unclear exactly what happened at Javier's old school and if he is a murderer.

Episode 7 then shows how Raúl became the hacker in flashbacks. After overhearing his classmates say they're only friends with him for his money, he decided he wanted revenge. He also became fixated on Sofía and decided that he could make her fall in love with him and make his fake friends pay by hacking into their phones and exposing their secrets.

However, in the season finale, Sofía finds the mask under Raúl's bed and works to expose him. At the school's end of year party, she tricks him into confessing by saying she wants to be with the hacker. Javier films it and plays the video for the whole school to see on a projector at the party. Raúl then fights with Javier before trying to flee.

As he's leaving the party, Raùl uses the projector to play a video exposing the last batch of the student's dark secrets. The school learns that Alex has been sleeping with her teacher and Sofía's dead father is actually alive. However, before there are any consequences, Gerry shows up at the party with a gun threatening to shoot Raúl.

Gerry tells them that Luis died in his coma and says that it's all Raúl's fault. Gerry says that if Raúl had never blackmailed Luis into falsely saying that he was the hacker, he would have never beaten him up so severely and he would still be alive. Javier tries to stop Gerry and Gerry accidentally shoots him in the process.

Is Javier dead?

As it stands we don't know if Javier is dead or alive. The camera pans out with him heavily bleeding and Sofía screaming for someone to call an ambulance before the credits role and the season ends. It appears that he wasn't shot in any of his viral organs though so we've got our fingers crossed that he will be back in season 2.

Meanwhile, Isabela learned that María is the honey bunny, who Pablo was cheating on her with, and that she's pregnant with Pablo's baby. On top of that, Sofía's mum Nora and the principal, Quintanilla, got back together but Nora still doesn't know about her ex-husband being alive and Quintanilla cheating with Susana.

In other words, it looks like there's still plenty of drama to unfold in season 2.

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