Netflix Has A New Horror TV Show And Fans Of “Stranger Things” and “IT” Will Be Obsessed

23 November 2017, 14:24

By Katie Louise Smith

'Dark' will be dropping on Netflix on December 1st.

American Horror Story: Cult has finished. We binge-watched Stranger Things 2 in like, 3 days flat. IT: Part 2 won't be back until 2019... We don't know about you but we're desperate for another TV show or movie that'll give us nightmares for weeks.

Luckily for us, Netflix has swooped in to save the day 'cause they're about to drop a creepy new horror TV show called Dark and it looks f*cking amazing.

Dark Netflix
Picture: Netflix

The show is described by Netflix as a 'supernatural thriller' with the vibes of Stranger Things and Twin Peaks. Judging by the trailer, it also has a lot of visual similarities to IT - yellow coat, anyone? Group of young people trying to locate their missing friend?

Dark is also Netflix's first original German program. Yes, it's a German show which sucks if you don't speak the language but there are subtitles.

Anyway, the show centres around the disappearance of two kids in the small German town of Winden. As the town search and try to solve the mystery around their sudden disappearance - and cope with relationship fall outs at the same time - the question fast becomes not about WHO has kidnapped the children... but WHEN they were kidnapped.


Dark Netflix
Picture: Netflix

There will be ten hour-long episodes in the first season and the show will drop on Netflix on December 1st.

Grab your German translation books because you're about to be BESESSEN. (That's obsessed in German, FYI...)