Will Daybreak return for season 2 on Netflix?

28 October 2019, 22:15

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

All the latest news, casting announcements, trailers and Daybreak release date announcements about season 2 of the post-apocalyptic Netflix dramedy.

Netflix's post-apocalyptic dramedy Daybreak is already giving fans big ideas about a potential season 2. Daybreak arrived on the platform on Thursday, October 24 and if you raced through it like we did, you're probably asking yourself what's in store for Josh and the rest of the Daybreak crew come next season. Has Daybreak been renewed and what hints are the show's creators dropping about season 2?

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Daybreak season 1

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While it's still early days, Daybreak perfectly primed viewers for season 2 with its thrilling finale. Josh (Colin Ford) and the crew (seemingly) defeated the season 1 villain, Baron Triumph (Mathew Broderick). The ending also set up major tension between Sam and Josh, which the series will no doubt explore in its second outing.


Has Daybreak been renewed for season 2?

As of October 28, Daybreak has not officially been renewed for season 2 at Netflix. It's still early days, though, and Netflix will be looking at viewing figures and fan response as they decide whether to grant the show another season.

Netflix does not share its viewing figures or even the metrics they use in their renewal decision process. However, they have been known to announce renewals around a month after the initial release date of their originals.

Fans can officially get excited, though. Season 2 is apparently already in the works.

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Daybreak season 2 is already being written

Daybreak showrunner Aron Eli Coleite told Inverse that season 2 is already being written.

“We are currently writing Season 2,” Coleite told Inverse. “We have the full writers room going, and Season 2 really turns things on its head.”

Even if Netflix hasn't made the official announcement yet, a season 2 writer's room that's up and running is a good sign. The promise of season 2 turning things "on its head" will certainly have fans' imaginations running wild.

Coleite also told the publication that in season 2 "you can’t trust anybody. You have to think about who is telling the story and their point of view, and how and why they’re gonna tell the story in the way they’re gonna tell it”.


Daybreak. Picture: Netflix

What will season 2 of Daybreak be about?

Well, for starters, things are guaranteed to get seriously tense between Josh and Sam. Now that Sam has made it clear that she is not the "damsel in distress" that Josh spent all season 1 searching for, a power struggle between two seems almost inevitable.

Then there is the matter of The Witch's post-apocalyptic abilities. She can do...a lot. Luckily, the smartest person on the show just so happens to be her closest pal. If anyone can figure out what's up with The Witch, it has to be Angelica.

And let's not forget Turbo and Wesley. Their connection is undeniable and fans will undoubtedly be looking forward to a continuation of their situationship.

Daybreak season 2 trailer:

Daybreak has not been renewed for a second season yet! It has not started filming and there definitely isn't a trailer yet, guys. C'mon. Patience is a virtue.