Holy Info Dump, Batman! The TL;DR On "Wonder Woman", "Justice League" And "Suicide Squad"

20 January 2016, 13:38 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Suicide Squad

By Victoria Pavlova

...and that other one.

Merry Christmas, DC fans! Yesterday, DC and Warner Bros. presented their hour-long CW specials Dawn of Justice League and Legends of Tomorrow, focusing on the next two years of films and TV respectively. The Dawn of Justice League special was particularly informative, dropping new trailers for Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad and preview footage for Wonder Woman.

The TL;DR is that DC is going hard on the cinematic universe business and they're not afraid to go off the beaten path a little bit, per Marvel's shining example. 

Here are all the interesting bits, in case you missed the live broadcast. 

1. The full Suicide Squad trailer. 

The TL;DR: It's insane, violent and fun. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn has the most of the screen time. 

We love it, it's cool, we want to see more. This may be the first DC movie that looks like sheer no f***s given entertainment. It definitely has the hyper violent spirit that's defined the Suicide Squad since its inception. It's colourful, it's loud and, much like Kevin Smith said, it might turn out to be the Guardians of the Galaxy of the DC universe. Yes. Do want.

2. NewWonder Woman footage was revealed.

The TL;DR: She is a nice, powerful feminist, saving man kind from themselves (ugh).

The first look at Wonder Woman also seems to be pretty much in the spirit of the character. This looks like the prim and proper cousin of the other two movies. Think Captain America versus Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. We saw footage of WW riding a horse, fighting, heard her origin story (an Amazon trying to get to know mankind and save us from ourselves). We were a bit weirded out by the fact that it was two male hosts talking about the movie's meaning for feminism and equality, but what can you do. *shrug*

3. We got our first look at the Justice League film.

TL;DR: DC are going old-school. 

Aquaman is Arthur Currie, The Flash is Barry Allen and Cyborg is Victor Stone. All the character biographies have been maintained pretty faithfully, so apart from the costumes (all of which look pretty damn cool), it looks like we're in for a comic nerd-friendly Justice League movie. The special hinted at an "Information Age" update for Cyborg, which might be really exciting.

4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice got an extended promo.

TL;DR: We finally saw Doomsday. Doomsday is still ridiculous.

We get a little more insight into the central conflict. Batman's p****d off because he thinks Superman is wrecking his city. The Son of Krypton is just kinda suss about Batman's intentions. Lex Luther tries to escalate the whole thing into a giant punch fest. Doomsday is somehow involved. 

So in conclusion, Batfleck sums up our thoughts: