13 Memes That Prove 'Dear Evan Hansen' Is Better Than '13 Reasons Why'

16 May 2017, 14:03

dear evan hanson memes
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The smash hit of Broadway is the perfect antidote to the recent criticism of the Netflix series.

Move over 13 Reasons Why - if you want to see art that tackles teen mental health issues in a sensitive and inspiring way then its time you got to know Dear Evan Hansen, Broadway's latest smash hit.

Dear Evan Hansen

With a score composed by the HUGE musical theatre duo of Pasek and Paul (you know, they did the music for that slightly popular film La La Land) and starring Pitch Perfect actor Ben Platt, the show addresses similar thematic territory to 13 Reasons Why, focusing on Evan, a high school senior with a social anxiety disorder, and how he and his fellow students deal with the aftermath of a classmate's death.

Critically acclaimed and beloved by drama geeks everywhere, the show has also garnered a great deal of support from mental health advocates, putting it in direct contrast to the controversy that has surrounded the Netflix series in recent months and the wider criticism of its portrayal of suicide and depression.

In fact, many fans have made the direct comparison between the two stories, encouraging fans of the series to put down the laptop and get to the theatre asap (or at least, you know, download the soundtrack).

Here are just a few of the Broadway diehards spreading the good word of Evan online:


1) Will knows.



2) Today, we're all intellectuals.





3) Maybe you should worry about them...



4) This important announcement:



5) Say it louder for the people at the back:



6) Well damn...


7) Let the dancing do the talking:


8) It actually even manages to improve 13 RW:


9) Taking it to the streets!




11) This is just a fact tbh.


12) Wait...what?! Mind. Blown.


13) Of course, some people just like both.


Each to their own.

Dear Evan Hansen is nominated for 9 (!) Tony Awards including Best Musical. The ceremony takes place Monday 12th of June in NYC, hosted by Kevin Spacey, live on CBS.

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