Disney+ fans are outraged over an adult woman kissing a child in 'Blank Check'

13 March 2020, 17:27

Love, Simon's sequel Love, Victor has been moved to Hulu since Disney+ deemed it not family friendly enough.
Love, Simon's sequel Love, Victor has been moved to Hulu since Disney+ deemed it not family friendly enough. Picture: Disney/FOX

By Sophie Thompson

Blank Check was released by Disney in 1994, and one particular kiss scene between an adult woman and a child have gone viral, leaving people angry and threatening to boycott new streaming platform, Disney+.

For those who already have access to Disney+, binge-watching your favourite classic movie at any time sounds like our idea of heaven - but fans have noticed that some of the older films on the platform actually contain some seriously messed up storylines.

Enter: Blank Check.

The 1994 comedy about a boy who cashes a blank check for a million dollars and then gets hunted by the FBI sees fifth grader Preston (approximately 11 years old) ask Shay (a 30 year old FBI agent) on a date. Already weird, we know.

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In the role, played by Karen Duffy, the agent insists that he waits ten years and she'll reconsider, but he compromises at six years, before the tension between the two hots up and...well, they snog.

An eleven year old and a 30-something year old. Mhm. (In real life, Karen was 34 and Brian Bonsall who plays Preston was 13 which makes this situation absolutely no better).

Watch at your own risk...

In a low-key hilarious TikTok that brought the scene back into the limelight, the person behind the camera turns it around to a horrified face that we can only describe as what all of us are thinking RN.

The video has seen been viewed over 980,000 times, and people are not happy that Disney+ is allowing it, but doesn't believe that the likes of Love, Simon is family-friendly enough to air on the platform.

Love, Victor, the spinoff series to the original 2018 film Love, Simon has been transferred to Hulu since Disney made the claims it was inappropriate as a teenager comes to terms with his sexuality, so witnessing this Blank Check on the platform has rustled some feathers, and fans have even accused the production giant of being homophobic.

Disney are yet to respond to the video, but Blank Check's Rotten Tomatoes rating has since plummeted to an embarrassingly low 9%, and people are threatening to boycott the streaming service all together.

Maybe it wasn't worth it after all, right Disney? (P.S. justice for Love, Simon)