Paging Doctor Who: WTF is going on?

9 November 2015, 17:28 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

dr who confusion post
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Spoilers. Obviously.

Let me say this first - I love Doctor Who! It's a big show with big ideas and big stories. Equal parts funny, smart and sweet. Able to constantly regenerate itself for a new generation.

It has the best fans in the world. Fact. They dress up, they bake themed cakes and they spread the word around the world about its awesomeness. Personally, I own countless whovian t-shirts and novelty items. I was even in a comedy Whosical! (Yep, I'm one of those 'let's do a Doctor Who musical' types. Deal with it).

And i love Capaldi. I know everyone has their personal favourites and I would never try and take them away from anyone. Matt was great, David was awesome, even Paul McGann did the best with what he was given. 

But Capaldi has made this character his own!

It's a great TV show and a British institution that should run on TV forever.

Got it? Everybody clear? Great....


What the f*ck is happening this season? I'm so confused!

So. Many. Questions.

I thought Missy was dead. In fact, i know she was dead. I saw it happen. So how come she's back, cracking jokes like she didn't just die???

And I thought Osgood was dead too? I'm sure she was. I saw it happen. And now there's two of her? What is going on?

And the Roman dude, Caecilius from season 4, aka this guy:

So was he a timelord too? How do they share a face??

And how come the Doctor doesn't recognise Rebecca Front?

They've worked together for years!

And we need to talk about those sonic shades. 

Where did they come from? Where's the screwdriver gone? Why the sudden change of heart(s) Doctor? 

And how come he got so excited about getting on a big plane?

You have a TARDIS mate! It's way cooler!

But seriously, most Saturday evenings, I'm struggling to keep track with all the wibbly wobbly goings on. Those Moffat monologues are getting longer every week. And if I'm struggling then good luck to any newcomers. This is getting harder to jump in on than G.O.T.

But hey, even if i'm missing some stuff, it's still one of the best shows on tv. I mean if kids are following it, I must just need to try harder.

So for now, in order to up my game, I will keep watching each week like this:

Concentration face!


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