People Are Angry About This Super Bowl Commercial And Here's Why

5 February 2018, 15:55

Dodge Commercial
Dodge Commercial. Picture: YouTube

By James Wilson-Taylor

Dodge have come under major fire for their choice of voiceover in their big game TV spot.

Viewers of last night's Super Bowl (February 4th) were left angry after one particular commercial used a speech by Martin Luther King.

While most of the notoriously expensive-to-air commercials chose a more comedic route, car company Dodge decided to try for an inspirational clip using an MLK speech delivered 50 years ago.

While the intention was to draw attention to Ram Nation, a volunteer organisation made up of truck owners, many were dismayed at the use of such an important political speech to sell cars during the Super Bowl, particularly given the friction between the NFL and the Black Lives Matter movement over the last year:

Bernice King, the daughter of MLK, also confirmed on Twitter that she had not been consulted about the commercial:

Many viewers also noted that the same sermon contained criticism of advertising, specifically car commercials.

In fact, some have already edited these words over the existing commercial:

Dodge have yet to comment on the controversy at the time of writing.