Dove Cameron Had A BRUTAL Response To A Guy Who Said “Time’s Up” Ruined The Globes

10 January 2018, 13:56 | Updated: 10 January 2018, 17:43

Dove Cameron Golden Globes
Picture: VALERIE MACON / AFP/ Getty Images

By Katie Louise Smith

"You need to take a lesson or two in passion and perspective."

Dove Cameron is a legend. No denying it. And she just proved it on Instagram after replying to someone who criticised the Time's Up movement that swept the Golden Globes at this year's awards ceremony.

It was Dove's first appearance at the show. She took part in the Time's Up campaign, wearing a stunning black dress on the red carpet and shared the #TimesUp hashtag countless times on her socials. In one of those posts, she shared what it meant to her to be able to take part in an empowering and important campaign.

Many fans flocked to the comment section to thank her for her support and to praise her in setting a positive example for her young fans. But there was one commenter who didn't seem to agree with the powerful message that was displayed at the Globes on Sunday night.

The user wrote: "All the feminism and racism talk ruined the Golden Globes. I was watching it for the awards ffs." Minutes later, another user replied: "ok... too bad, so sad." And then the original user replied back saying: "of course you wouldnt mind since ur black." Dove then stepped in to call the user out.

The original commenter has since deleted his Instagram save for one written response to Dove's backlash justifying what he meant behind the ignorant comment about race he made to another Instagram user.

While she made the mistake of insulting him and his IQ, Dove said what needed to be said and he was right to be called out. She addressed the situation again on Instagram a day later and she, hopefully, educated a lot of people in the process.

For those not in the know, the Time's Up campaign was set up by women to provide legal support to other women (and men), regardless of their skin colour, background or religion, who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace. The campaign aims to give a voice to those who cannot be heard as clearly as others who have a larger platform, like Hollywood actresses, and those who cannot afford to seek justice for themselves.