Dove Cameron hilariously responds to Shane Dawson's Disney conspiracy theory about her

7 October 2019, 19:20

"Shane Dawson was right!!!! Look Dove Cameron wears black and shows her collarbones she’s turning into a bADgzirL"

Remember back in 2017 when Shane Dawson dropped a conspiracy video that dived into the reason why female Disney stars tend to 'go off the rails'? Well, in case you don't, Dove Cameron was one of the stars that Shane name-dropped in the video and now, Dove has jokingly referred to the conspiracy in a tweet with fans.

During a back and forth with fans on Twitter, Dove ended up in a light-hearted conversation about her forgetting her lines on set which then spiralled into a discussion about hilarious "lying" compilation videos from a 'Dove Cameron Shady' account.

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Referring to one of Dove's tweets, a fan jokingly replied saying: "she is SHADY and LYinG this is what happens when they get tOO biG for DisNey." Dove then responded saying "shane dawson was right !!!!" in jokey reference to Shane's theory and prediction from back in 2017.

Shane previously uploaded a video titled 'Disney Star Conspiracy Theories' where he dived into why "Disney stars go crazy." Elaborating on the idea that actors start "dressing provocatively" and start "singing about sex" in a bid to get Disney to end their contract, Shane name dropped Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens and Bella Thorne as examples.

Shane then brought up Dove's quotes about working at Disney followed by a series of tweets she had liked about her seemingly wanting to leave the company and start pursuing more grown up roles.

Believing that this was Dove's way of saying that she didn't want to work for Disney anymore, Shane predicted that Dove would release "sexy music videos" and post "sexy pictures of Instagram" so that Disney would let her go.

Weeeeeell, Dove's done all that. She's dyed her hair, she's got tattoos, she swears and she's shared braless pictures on Instagram – and still managed to stick around for the release of Descendants 3.

Sorry Shane. Lol x