Wait… Is Dr Bailey About To Get Killed Off On “Grey’s Anatomy”?

26 January 2018, 14:51 | Updated: 2 February 2018, 10:47

Dr Miranda Bailey, Grey's Anatomy, Season 14, Heart Attack
Picture: ABC

By Katie Louise Smith

If Bailey dies, I'm going with her!

Dr Miranda Bailey, one of the last remaining original characters on Grey's Anatomy, has famously never been on the operating table. She had a difficult childbirth back in season two, and managed to escape from the gunman in season six; she's also performed life-saving surgeries on nearly all of her colleagues but over the last fourteen seasons of Grey's Anatomy, no one has EVER had to operate on her.

Thanks to the latest promo trailer, it looks like that's finally about to change. Bailey is in danger and fans are absolutely losing it.

The episode, due to air on February 1st, is called '(Don't Fear) The Reaper' and it looks like Bailey is having a heart attack.

She's in a hospital we've never seen before, with random doctors who we don't know and we aaaall know what happened to Derek when he ended up in that situation.

It turns out that Bailey has a blocked artery - she seems fine but then all hell breaks lose. She collapses, they put a mask on her, the screen fades to black, the sound of a machine flatlines and then it cuts to Ben on the phone AND THEN HE STARTS RUNNING LOOKING REALLY WORRIED.

Is Dr Bailey gonna die?

As we all know, the promo trailers for the next episode on almost every show are the most over dramatic and over edited 30 seconds clips of all time. They're basically TV clickbait. There's no way Bailey is gonna die.

So far, there's been no rumours about Chandra Wilson leaving the show. She's also billed for the episode after where it looks like everyone is drinking and having a good time, including Richard Webber. If Bailey died, there's no way Webber would be up having a good time. There's no way any of them would be up having a good time. It's just not gonna happen.

And let's get real... Bailey is a beloved character. Shonda Rhimes loves Bailey too. Surely - if she ever did kill her off - she wouldn't kill her off on a random Thursday night in February, she'd give her the big finale season send off she deserves? Right? RIGHT?! SHONDA?!