The Actual 'Drake & Josh' House Is On Sale And Here's How Much You Need To Save To Buy It

18 December 2017, 12:46

Drake and Josh house asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

You and your best friends can buy the house together. CHILDHOOD DREAMS FULFILLED.

There are few things more iconic than a beloved TV house. Some television homes just tend to stick with you. 

For example, I think we all remember the iconic house from Drake and Josh. 

Drake and Josh house

via Nickelodeon/Drake and Josh 

For four seasons, fans knew this as the exterior of Drake and Josh's family home. Of course, the show's interior scenes were really shot on a soundstage elsewhere. 

One reddit user posted the house that once served as the show's exterior setting and informed us of the best news EVER.

The Drake and Josh house is officially for sale and it's literally your childhood dream come true. 

Reddit/Drake and Josh house

via reddit/volvswagen

Even the trees are the same more than ten years later! 

The five-bedroom Encino, Californa home is currently on the market for $1.8 million, which means you and your friends need to seriously pool your cash to be able to secure the iconic property. 

When the internet found out the Drake & Josh house was up for sale, everyone pretty much wanted it IMMEDIATELY.  

But some people were a little bit shook when they realised the inside looks nothing like the show interior

However, everyone had one thing on their mind and it's definitely a headscratcher.

Why DID Drake and Josh have to share a room if there were five bedrooms in the house? Presumably, their parents would share a room, then Megan would get her own, and Drake and Josh could have separate bedrooms, right?

Even Josh wondered why he and Drake had to share a room in a house with SO MANY ROOMS.

It's settled. You and four of your closest friends go in on the Drake and Josh house and remodel the insides so it matches the show's interior. Flawless plan, right? If anyone wants to go in with me, I've got dibs on the attic room.

via Nickelodeon/Drake & Josh

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