The Drake & Josh House Is Being 'Torn Down' And Josh Peck's Reaction Is Priceless

5 June 2018, 12:57

Drake and Josh house
Picture: Nickelodeon/David Dobrik/YouTube
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Why, why, why would they do this?"

As far as iconic TV houses go, the home from Drake & Josh is a classic. If you grew up watching the wacky Nickelodeon sitcom starring Drake Bell and Josh Peck, you'll definitely recognize the Encino, California home that was used for exterior shots of the step brothers' family abode.

Fans of the show might wanna brace themselves because, if the title of a recent David Dobrik vlog is to be believed, the Drake & Josh house as we know it may be in danger.

Drake Bell recently tweeted a photo of his former TV house with the caption "Nooooooo!!!!!!"

Recently, in a vlog called "THEY ARE TEARING DOWN HIS FAMILYS HOME", Josh and his pal David paid the Southern California home a visit and shared their reaction to the apparent state of the iconic house.

Drake and Josh house
Picture: David Dobrik/YouTube
Drake and Josh house
Picture: David Dobrik/YouTube

"Why why why would they do this," Josh Peck jokingly laments at one point.

"The windows are completely blown out. The roof is gone. The house is being demolished," Dobrik remarks.

In the end, Josh appears to come to terms with the house's fate, joking "It's like 100 pounds ago. Tear that shit down." Josh, of course, lost a considerable amount of weight after the show's run.

Skip to 2:54 for their reactions.

Indeed, the house is looking a little different these days. A few month back, when the house was initially up for sale, the famous home looked nothing short of pristine.

According to property records, the well known house sold for $1.5 million back in February. Since it was sold so recently, it's far more likely that the Drake & Josh house is being renovated by its new owners.

As for the fencing around the house, it's more than likely that fans have been showing up to the property for Drake & Josh related photo opps. The fence could be a measure to help put a stop to people trespassing on the front yard.

Anyway, goodbye Drake & Josh house which is almost certainly being remodeled. We hardly knew ye.