Drake Bell and Josh Peck spark Drake & Josh reboot rumours with secret Nickelodeon meeting

14 March 2019, 13:29 | Updated: 14 March 2019, 13:34

Drake and Josh reboot: Drake Bell and Josh Peck spark spark rumours with secret Nickelodeon reunion
Drake and Josh reboot: Drake Bell and Josh Peck spark spark rumours with secret Nickelodeon reunion. Picture: Jordin Althaus/ABC Studios via Getty Images // Nickelodeon

By Sam Prance

Drake Bell and Josh Peck were spotted having a reunion outside Nickelodeon in Los Angeles...

Drake & Josh fans assemble! It looks like we could be getting a Drake & Josh reboot after all.

Ever since Drake & Josh ended with a film all the way back in 2008, viewers of the beloved hit 00s Nickelodeon sitcom have been campaigning for a reboot or a comeback of some sort. Drake Bell and Josh Peck won over a legion of young (and old) fans with their comedic charm and undeniable talent when their show first aired and now it seems as though Drake & Josh could be retuning to our screens.

Is a Drake & Josh reboot in the works?


All signs point to yes. JustJared have revealed that yesterday (Mar 13), Drake Bell and Josh Peck were spotted together. Okay...and? What if they were just catching up for old time's sake? Well this is where it gets interesting. The two stars were spotted outside the Viacom building in Los Angeles and Viacom is, of course, the home of Nickelodeon. Not only that but it looks like it was a business meeting.

If that weren't enough Drake also spoke up about the possibility of a Drake & Josh reboot in a new Hollywood Life interview and he essentially confirmed that he is all in. "I loved it, and it was a great time. Yeah, I was going through my adolescence and my teen years and, obviously, there were our ups and downs, but man, I’d go back in a second”. IN A SECOND DO YOU HEAR HIM?

Drake also added: “There was something special about the show. I am in touch with everybody on the show!” Our hearts! In other news, the boys still have great chemistry. Drake and Josh recently teamed up on Josh's YouTube channel to react to old videos of the two of them and it was as hilarious and heartwarming as you would expect.

Watch Drake and Josh reunite below.


We love them so much. Essentially, it looks Drake & Josh is coming back with a reboot and we are beyond ready. It worked with Raven's Home on Disney so we know that it would work with Drake & Josh on Nickelodeon. Here's hoping that living legend Miranda Cosgroves (Megan) is also signed on to return.

What do you think? Would you watch a Drake & Josh reboot?