The Drake & Josh Feud Hurt But These Pictures Of Drake's Abs Will Heal Your Pain

23 June 2017, 13:49

Drake Bell
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

[infinite sweat emojis]

Has all the Drake & Josh drama this week been getting you down? Have you been experiencing hysterical crying fits at seemingly random points of the day? Are you incredibly...thirsty? If the answer to any, or all, of those questions is 'yes' then we have some good news for you.

While we were all mourning the separation of arguably the most popular TV siblings of the 00s, one side of the split was moving on in the only way one can in tragic instances like this: by taking off all your clothes.

Yep, Drake Bell has blessed us all by stripping off for the appropriately titled Flaunt Magazine and showing off his rock solid six pack.

Pretty sure these shots contravene obscenity laws?

Someone call me an ambulance STAT I'm suffering from dehydration.


Fans having been showing their appreciation for the photoshoot and, honestly, same.


What a time to be alive.