Drake Bell Just Posted His Own Nudes... Help

9 April 2018, 21:35

Drake Bell Nude Instagram Picture
Picture: Nickelodeon/Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

Toto, we are NOT on Nickelodeon anymore. [NSFW]

UPDATE: If you're wondering why Drake Bell is trending on Twitter, it seems likes actual nude pictures of Drake have leaked online. He has not yet commented on the hack. They will obviously not be shared here but please enjoy the ones he posted himself, on his own Instagram account. ✌️

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Remember when you were a kid and you used to run home from school, throw on Nickelodeon and watch whatever Drake & Josh masterpiece was currently airing? Or when you'd spend your ENTIRE Saturday morning binge-ing Drake & Josh without a care in the world? Ahhh, those were the days. Sweet youth. So pure, so innocent.

WELL THOSE MEMORIES ARE NOW CANCELLED. Because Drake Bell - yes, Drake, formerly of your favourite childhood TV show Drake & Josh - has just posted a picture of himself completely nude. Completely. Like, nude enough to make you feel a little uncomfortable. Save for a strategically placed hand in the um... crotchal region.

Before we show you THAT picture, we're gonna give you a warning. Consider this GIF of a young, puppy faced, Drake Parker your NSFW warning.


And now, without further ado, please behold this VERY NUDE picture of Drake Bell:

@people x Rewind #strippedtour link in bio!

A post shared by Drake Bell (@drakebell) on

I mean... I just... No words. None. At all. I just don't even know what to write anymore. I mean, he looks great. Great lighting. Great abs. But scrolling down my Instagram timeline at 7am this morning and seeing this? It took me by surprise, I'm not gonna lie.

This one picture is not where the nude escapades end, though. Drake dropped a brand new song called "Rewind" along with a video that honestly might contain more raunchy sex visuals than the entire trilogy of 50 Shades. I'm not even joking.

All we're gonna say is, make sure you're in a private space when you watch this where no one can see your screen because that'd be like, hella awks.


Drake Bell - Rewind