Dylan Sprouse Is FINALLY Returning To Acting & The Internet Is Freaking Out

1 August 2017, 10:50

Dylan Sprouse Is Returning To Acting So Strap In
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The Sprouse sibling is living his most suite life as he takes on a brand new acting role in an upcoming movie.

You've tried Cole, now get ready for the rise of Dylan.

Yes, after years of screen absence, Dylan Sprouse is finally returning to the world of acting, set to appear in the indie Carte Blanche.

The 24 year old will appear alongside Jack Kilmer and model Jordan Barrett in the film directed by Eva Doležalová and, while we don't have any major plot details yet, the cast have been posting a few sneaky behind the scenes photos for us all to enjoy:


Hair goals tbh.

Safe to say, longtime fans of the Sprouse dynasty were freaking out at the prospect of this comeback to end all comebacks:




And, of course, Cole marked the occassion with an appropriately silly tweet:


Never change boys. Never change.

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