WATCH: Eleven From "Stranger Things" Has A YouTube Singing Channel And It's SO Cute You'll Die

17 August 2016, 13:19 | Updated: 7 November 2017, 16:50

Eleven Stranger Things Singing
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Millie Bobby Brown is literally Halsey in the making - don't argue with us.

Did you know? Queen Eleven from our new fave Netflix TV show, "Stranger Things" has a pretty legit side hustle. When she's not out stealing Eggo waffles or dazzling everyone with her superior acting skills, she's out on the not-so-mean streets of Youtube belting out the ballads of the biggest divas in the game.

Yep, Millie Bobby Brown has an actual Youtube channel where she uploads videos of herself singing to backing tracks of some of the biggest hits in Pop music and we. are. DYINGGGGG.

Look at this little cherub!


She's currently sitting pretty at 23k subscribers after just 7 videos. Her covers include Adele, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce and even Ed Sheeran and they're so adorbz. 


We're ever so slightly in love with her rendition of Birdy's Wings.


She's twelve years old, guys. TWELVE!

After a little further digging, we found even more cover gold from FOUR YEARS AGO where a baby Eleven takes on Bruno Mars' Grenade. 


And... brace yourselves. Here's pre-head shave Millie singing Beyonce's "Listen". This girl is NO joke.


Oh my goddddd, Eleven! Why are you so amazing?! *heart eyes emoji*