Eli's unbelievable plot twist has Netflix viewers questioning everything

22 October 2019, 18:34

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Eli's intense ending is eliciting fan reactions from viewers who DID NOT see that plot twist coming.

Halloween is almost here, which means that Netflix is hard at work adding more and more spooky films and television shows to its catalogue each week. One of its latest horror releases, Eli, stars Charlie Shotwell as the titular character, a child with an autoimmune disorder that makes him allergic to pretty much everything – or so he thinks.

Kelly Reilly, Max Martini, Lili Taylor and Stranger Things star Sadie Sink also feature in Netflix's Eli.

What begins as a medical mystery (with a pinch of a ghost story added in for flavour) descends into a truly bonkers plot twist that no one (and I mean NO ONE) saw coming.

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Warning: Major Spoilers for Netflix's Eli ahead.

Eli Netflix
Eli Netflix. Picture: Netflix screenshot

After spending the majority of Eli thinking that Dr Horne was murdering children in the manor for some weird medical purpose, the third act of the film reveals that, actually, Eli is the son of the devil and that's why he's been carted off to the "clean house".

We also learn that Dr Horne is really a nun who has plenty of experience killing half-demon children. Yes, our jaws were on the floor too.

Eli is the son of Satan, but it's not clear if that all went down via demonic IVF or through some other supernatural means.

Either way, by the end,it's clear that Eli is PISSED after being lied to and hunted for the whole film.

Eli burns down the manor without a second thought before Sadie Sink's character, Haley, reveals that she is his half-sister and also a child of Satan. A family reunion!

Eli Netflix evil
Eli Netflix evil. Picture: Netflix

It's safe to say that the plot twist had viewers 100% shook.

Honestly, we still don't what to make of that truly wild and unexpected ending, but it definitely kept us entertained.

What did you guys think of Eli on Netflix and that intense plot twist?