Ellen Page Just Got Married In Secret And Announced It In The Sweetest Way

4 January 2018, 13:40

Ellen and Emma
Picture: Getty/Kevin Winters/Instagram
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika


Congratulations are in order for Ellen Page (Juno, X:Men Future's Past). The thirty year old actress took to social media this week to share the news that she had married (!!!) her partner, Emma Portner.

Emma and Ellen both shared a post expressing their excitement at becoming wives.

The pair were first romantically linked last year and began appearing on each other's social media over the summer. They have also walked the red carpet together on a number of occasions.

Ellen and Emma
Picture: Getty/Kevin Winter

Who is Emma Portner?

London 2017 (by @claragiaminardi)

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Emma is a well known choreographer who also hails from Ellen's native Canada (Emma is from Ottowa and Ellen is from Nova Scotia). Emma has been dancing since the age of three.

Emma is a Contemporary Jazz dance teacher at Broadway Dance Center and also owns her own dance studio called Emma Portner and Artists. The talented teacher and performer has choreographed for the likes of fellow Canadian, Justin Bieber.

Emma and Ellen have also danced together and shared it on social media.

Ellen came out as gay nearly four years ago during a speech at a Human Rights Campaign event called Time To Thrive. Congrats to the both of them on a lovely start to 2018!