Emma Watson and Tom Felton reunited again and everyone is losing it

20 August 2019, 16:23 | Updated: 13 November 2020, 00:02

By Katie Louise Smith

"Emma Watson and Tom Felton reunited again and nothing makes me happier."

Tom Felton and Emma Watson just shared another picture of the two of them hanging out and if you listen very closely, you can hear the sound of keys clicking on keyboards as the Dramione fanfic writers awaken from their slumber once again.

Yep, the former Harry Potter co-stars, who have been friends since 1999 when they were tiny lil' kids, are back at it again, killing us all with adorable pics on Instagram.

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Taking to Instagram, Tom shared a picture of him and Emma in South Africa. In the photo, Tom is teaching Emma how to play the guitar while in their pyjamas. Honestly, this is the kind of wholesome reunion content we deserve.

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Quick learner x

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It's not the first time they've hung out together post-Potter either. Emma and Tom have shared pics together on social media before with one post in particular sparking a ton of romance rumours back in November 2018.

But Emma put that speculation to rest when she captioned the picture saying, "Congrats dear friend" followed by the hashtag "#TF Tolerating my sub-par skating skills since 1999."

As expected, this week's latest picture has caused another flurry of dating rumours from everyone on the internet. Some people are just happy to see two long time friends sharing their lives on social media, while others are shipping hard.

Of course, Tom and Emma have never spoken about the nature of their relationship (apart from the fact that Emma previously said Tom was her first crush) and quite frankly, it's none of our business (!!).

But here are all the cutest, wildest and funniest reactions for you enjoy about our fave Harry Potter duo's reunion anyway:

Honestly, we're just low-key happy to exist in a universe where the boy who played Draco Malfoy and the girl who played Hermione Granger are the best of friends IRL. Truly love to see it.