Is Sam Claflin in Enola Holmes 2? His absence explained

4 November 2022, 09:43

By Katie Louise Smith

Is Sam Claflin in Enola Holmes 2? The Mycroft actor sadly doesn't reprise his role in the sequel, but he could return in a third film.

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Millie Bobby Brown's Enola Holmes is BACK, the game is officially AFOOT, but there's one major cast member missing from the sequel and everyone is now asking the same question: Why is Sam Claflin not in Enola Holmes 2?

Sam played the role of Enola's older brother Mycroft Holmes in the 2020 film, alongside Henry Cavill as their brother Sherlock. Mycroft played a pretty pivotal role in the first film, with his antagonistic and meddling actions towards Enola prompting the teen to put her skills to the test in order to escape a finishing school.

But in the sequel, he's nowhere to be seen. And the reason behind that is all down to an unavoidable scheduling conflict that meant Sam Claflin couldn't return for a second time.

Is Sam Claflin in Enola Holmes 2?

Is Sam Claflin in Enola Holmes 2? His absence explained
Is Sam Claflin in Enola Holmes 2? His absence explained. Picture: Netflix

Explaining the situation to Collider, director Harry Bradbeer revealed that it all boiled down to Sam's schedule, which meant he sadly couldn't take part in filming.

As a result of Sam and Mycroft's absence, the film's focus shifted to be more on Enola and Sherlock working together.

"Well, it was Sam's schedule that became very clear, so Sam was not going to be in it... We were very sorry that Sam couldn't be in this one," Bradbeer explained.

He added: "That then meant though that we had to then concentrate on Sherlock, which has some advantages in the sense and that it becomes a sharp pencil if you like. You're just having to work with that particular relationship. It had to be about Sherlock and Enola and coming together. So I guess there is some blessings in having less pieces because you can do more with what you have."

Enola Holmes' brother Mycroft is absent from the sequel
Enola Holmes' brother Mycroft is absent from the sequel. Picture: Netflix

But the good news is that Bradbeer has explained that there's an open invitation for Sam to return as Mycroft if a third film goes ahead: "If there was a future one we would love to have him back. But that was just the practicalities of life."

Here's hoping we get to see Sam Claflin's Mycroft on-screen again in the near future!

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