How to watch HBO's Euphoria online free on YouTube right now

8 July 2019, 12:14

By Sam Prance

HBO has uploaded Euphoria season 1 episode 1 onto Youtube.

Euphoria fans assemble. The first episode of the HBO series is now available to watch online free on YouTube.

Ever since HBO first teased Euphoria back in 2018, people have been eager to see it. Based on the Israeli series of the same name, Euphoria tells the story of Rue (Zendaya), a recovering teen drug addict, and her high school peers as they struggle to navigate sex, social media and so much more. As soon as the show debuted this June, it received rave reviews from critics and it's already amassed a huge fanbase.

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Up until recently it's only been possible to watch Euphoria on HBO but now you can watch it completely free.

Watch Euphoria online free below.

Euphoria: Watch full episodes of the HBO series online free.
Euphoria: Watch full episodes of the HBO series online free. Picture: HBO

No. We're not joking. Yesterday (Jul 8), HBO uploaded the first full episode of Euphoria onto YouTube internationally. In other words, no matter where you live, you can watch Euphoria season 1 episode 1 online free right now. Revealing the incredible news, the official Euphoria Twitter account tweeted: "enter #EUPHORIA. stream the series premiere for free on @YouTube for a limited time".

As it stands it's unclear how long this "limited time" is but this is a huge win for anyone who can't afford an HBO account or lives outside of the US. This isn't unheard of either. Often HBO uploads one off episodes or full seasons of its most popular and lesser known series onto YouTube for brief periods of time to help expose them to a wider audience and honestly we love them for it.

Watch Euphoria season 1 episode 1 here.

euphoria | full episode (season 1 episode 1 ) | HBO

It's yet to be specified if HBO will upload the rest of Euphoria season 1 onto YouTube but we shall update you if they do.

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